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I want to thank BLADES OF FUNNY for giving me voice in internet to teach PUBLIC PEOPLE about sport of hockey.

Before I continue with point of letter I tell you about VLADIMIR more. I work job as baseball scout in Russia and I know athletics good. I watch and play sport of HOCKEY since I five years old. I KNOW the fine things about sport so you in good hands with VLADIMIR.

Now I speak about subject and teach you about best performers who play SPORT OF HOCKEY. My list good because I am sport scout so I know what make good athletic performance.

I share list of mine that tell public about best hockey players in world. READ LIST NOW:

  1. ALEXANDER OVECHKIN – number one hockey performer in world. TOTAL PACKAGE. Speed of cheetah, shoot like bullet, pass of tiger, score vision of army general, physical power of black bear, balance of mountain goat, skating like PLUSHENKO.. If you doubt Russia produce good athletics, you look at ALEXANDER OVECHKIN NOW.
  2. ALEXI MOROZOV – Alexi older now but in prime he greatest hockey performer since Valery Kharlamov. If he play in NORTH AMERICA Alexi score 100 plus point every year. Guarantee.
  3. EVGENI MALKIN – Superstar performer who champion of Stanley and MVP. Big man who have good eye and big body. Without MVP MALKIN Pittsburgh not win Cup of Stanley.
  4. PAVEL DATSYUK – CUP OF STANLEY CHAMPION. Good Russian man who dangle like dangle is dangled by top performer. Detroit not win Cup of Stanley without Datsyuk starring.
  5. ILYA KOVALCHUK – speed of pergrine falcon and good score vision. He Cup of Stanley champion if good team he have to carry. Atlanta joke. News in my village last week say HE PLAY in DEVIL system now. Good.
  6. SERGEI MOZYAKIN – superstar performer for Atlant Moscow Oblast who lead KHL in points score now. If he play NORTH AMERICA Sergei score 100 point every year. Guarantee.
  7. NICKLAS BACKSTROM – he good young boy who help OVECHKIN score. Best ice see vision of any performer not born in Russia. He good young boy.
  8. SIDNEY CROSBY – he okay player for Canadian but he not measure up to Russian athletic standards. He good help for MALKIN. How you say, he starsky to MALKIN hutch. CROSBY good but People of Canada make too much praise for him because they not see Russian perform much. For Canadian he good.
  9. PHIL KESSEL – even though he American KESSEL play like Russian star. Speed of cheetah and score like sniper. He not like to pass much but in Russia we not look down on no pass because score is more important. If he play on team with good Russian he could be champion with Cup of Stanley. Toronto joke.
  10. ALEXEI YASHIN – he old now (37) but he still do good in KHL for SKA Saint Petersburg. #3 scorer in last year in league. That tell you what good athletics ALEXI have and if he play in NORTH AMERICA Alexi score 100 points. Guarantee.

So people in internet YOU SEE NOW HOW GOOD RUSSIA HOCKEY PERFORMERS IS. In list of 10 BEST hockey performers SEVEN born in Russia.

Let me tell you it not FLUKE. Russian men is powerful men, no girly men like performers from SWEDEN OR CANADA OR FINLAND. RUSSIA = GOOD MANLY JEANS.

PLUS we have good player even not on list like ALEXANDER SEMIN. He best friend of OVECHKIN and good at get goal but he need to eat more meat because he fragile. Man from Russia not fragile so he not make the list but he still good performer.

We have good goalie too. ILYA BRYZGALOV best goalie in WORLD NOW. EVGENI NABOKOV good goalie too. TOP THREE IN WORLD. But I tell you truth. I not like him much. He spend too much time in CALIFORNIA BEACHES and not play hockey like Russian. IF HE NOT CALIFORNIA DREAMING RUSSIA WIN GOLD MEDAL.

I hope PEOPLE WHO READ INTERNET learn from my words about HOCKEY. I leave now to scout baseball but I WILL SHARE WISDOM AGAIN.


Владимир Шарáпов


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