If You Write It, They Will Comment… And Laughs Will Be Had By All

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In this series, Blades of Funny scours the internet and finds memorable comments left under hockey-related stories. You may laugh, you may cry, you may block this site on your browser so you never have to read this drivel again, but one thing is certain: you will not become any smarter by reading this post.


The Article: Deadspin shares this story by the National Postwhich examines the unlikely trend of hockey jerseys being popular among youth in Africa. A snippet from the Post’s article:

The phrase “Dead White Man Clothes” is a common term in Uganda’s marketplace. In Ghana, (where I spotted a Winnipeg Jets jersey in 2005) the phrase in local Twi is “obruni we wo.” Translation: “a white man has died.”

After all, why else would anyone give up these perfectly good clothes?

The Comment by Hit Bull Win Streak:

“Dead White Man’s Clothes

And here I thought I was the only one still rocking the John Kordic Nordiques jersey

BoF: Well played.


The Article: Down Goes Brown gets Flyers fans worked up with his post on Carcillo ( which includes a joke about Carcillo’s mustache), leading a Flyers fan to reply in anger:

You’re 30 and can’t grow facial hair ( it’s a throw back stache to honor the bullies) dumb ass

Which sets up…

The Comment by bleedblueandwhite:

Carcillo growing the ‘stache to honor the bullies is like playing Nickleback at a Rolling Stones tribute. if you’re gonna honor someone, don’t suck at it

BoF: A comment that slams both Carcillo and Nickelback? That deserves enshrinement into the internet hall of fame, my friends.


The Article: Taking a look at how Crosby is being received in Montreal: A restaurant on St-Denis Street laid out a white No. 87 Crosby jersey over a red carpet on the sidewalk, so that patrons could stomp on it.

The Comment by John David:

His Jersey should be stomped on.

What has Crosby done for Canada?

He went to the USA because they were the highest bidder and offered him the biggest pot of money.

He is a disgrace to Canada…why isn’t he playing for Montreal? Because MONEY got in the way and he was offered a bigger cheque in the USA.

BoF: This guy NEEDS to be featured on HNIC’s iDesk like RIGHT NOW. I can’t even imagine what Cherry’s reaction would be, but I bet it would be epic. Then again, Cherry may very well side with this theory, which…wouldn’t be as epic.


The Article: Grey whale makes rare appearance in Vancouver’s False Creek

The Comment by anonymous (here):

Breaking News:

Unconfirmed reports that the whale swimming around in False Creek today was actually Dustin Byfuglien.

BoF: Zing!


The Article: Both MSNBC and NBC Chicago got suckered in by an obviously fake story about members of the Canucks being fined for planning a pizzeria crawl of Chicago’s deep dish establishments, and reported it as fact.

The Comment by Steve U:

3 Dead, 13 Injured as Mafia War Intensifies – Crime, B7

Record Pumpkin Crop Reported in Farmville, KS – U.S., C4

BoF: Well played.


The Article: Cult of Hockey shares an excerpt from a Blades of Funny post.

The Comment by bill:

not really amusing. not that im not game for ripping on souray

BoF: Can’t really argue with the ‘not really amusing’ part, but has Bill ever wondered how his comments affect other people? Some people may have feelings which are even more sensitive than Sheldon Souray’s and reading stuff like this really cuts right to the soul…sniff…I think next time…sniff sniff…Bill should think twice before leaving…sniff…his malicious comments…sniff sniff…It’s Edmontonians like him…sniff…that give the city a bad reputation…sniff…


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