Quick Playoff Predicitions

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Quick playoff prediction post before I go back to reading the thoughts of 68% of our population who think it’s a good idea to take civil liberties away and/or feel that “saving” women from “oppression” by mandating what they cannot wear is not the least bit hypocritical. On the bright side, the poll was at 76% “yes” on Monday so at least SOME sanity is being restored. //end rant

Here is my playoff bracket (I’d be shocked if I’m wrong because these things are never wrong):


1st Round:

Vancouver over Chicago in 7
San Jose over LA in 6
Phoenix over Detroit in 6
Nashville over Anaheim in 5

I’m stoked to see the ‘Nucks/’Hawks again. If I were Quenneville, I’d call up Kyle Beach and have him do his best Dustin Byfuglien impression in front of Luongo. Hard to go against Vancouver, though, especially since Chicago couldn’t even close when they had to.

I like Phoenix over Detroit as the upset pick in the West. I’m sure I’ll get some hate on this from a certain faithful reader!

2nd Round:

Vancouver over Phoenix is 6
Nashville over San Jose in 7

West Final:

Nashville over Vancouver in 6


1st Round

Washington over Rangers in 5
Philadelphia over Buffalo in 6
Boston over Montreal in 7
Pittsburgh over Tampa in 5

Not sure I like the fact I’ve picked the top 4 seeds to advance. Buffalo beating Philly seems to be the trendy pick — at least I think it’s the trendy pick from what I could gather — and those hardly ever pan out.

2nd Round:

Washington over Pittsburgh in 6
Philadelphia over Boston in 7

East Final:

Washington over Philly in 6

Stanley Cup

Washington over Nashville in 7

The old adage that a team has to go through tribulations and take their bumps before they can emerge as champion certainly rings true with the Caps right now. So there you have it. Bet the house on the Caps!*

*Don’t really.


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