Return Of The Mack

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So I’m back up in the game
Running things to keep my swing
Letting all the people know
That I’m back to run the show

90′s music for the MOTHER EFFIN’ WIN!

It’s March 14th. I think Arron Asham has had a long enough run as the face of Blades of Funny —since October 14th for christ’s sake! It’s true that I’ve been away from blogging because of concussion-like symptoms. However, no media showed up at my door asking when I’ll be back. I didn’t even get any emails asking if I’m alright… or even a “hey jackass, hope you didn’t die from mold poisoning in your basement, idiot blogger!”

Not that I’m bitter or anything.

A little sad, sure… but not bitter.

Not at all.

Seriously, I ain’t. Let it go already!

The spam bots left enough comments on BoF to make up for YOUR lack of caring.

But yeah, earlier this week I received an email from my domain registrar telling me this prime piece of internet real estate is about to expire. So I remembered I still have a blog! And it might be time to update it.

Life has been busy. Me and the Missus had a baby at the end of November –THIRD ONE! BOOM, I GOT POTENT SPERM!!! So time has been quite scarce. And between blogging or running my fantasy teams, something had to give.

I’ve moved away from reading blogs — save for Down Goes Brown, Puck Daddy, Fantasy Hockey Scouts (hey, I play to win!) and some parts of Backhand Shelf — and moved on to getting my hockey fix from podcasts. Marek vs. Wyshynski is pure awesomeness. Their sweet, sweet voices put me to sleep every night when I fire up the podcast — which is not to say it’s boring or dull, just that I’m dead tired usually so I dose off after 1/2 hour. Backhand Shelf is the other one I tune into all the time. So yeah, find the podcasts help with my ADD… or contribute to it. Either way, I’m a happy camper.

In January, I put down $100 on the Canucks to win the Cup. $900 coming my way if that happens. Feel pretty confident with this one still.

I also put down $20 on the Caps to make the Finals at 11 to 1 odds. Don’t feel as confident here (should’ve bet on the Pens instead).

As far as players who I’ve fallen in love with this year (mostly because of fantasy hockey)… Alex Pietrangelo! Dude is money after a slow start.

Who/what do I still hate? Call me Brian Burke but advanced stats are so damn boring. I’ve made a conscious effort to never read about them ever again!

Some other thoughts:

– Don Cherry is awesome.

– This “ringette” line that they’re thinking of implementing is retarded (not a politically correct statement in this age of softness, I know, but it is!). Why don’t we just make a Pac-Man maze that the defesemen have to follow in order to advance the puck of the zone. Maybe make it a corn maze. Boom!

– The Mario Lemieux statue is pretty damn ugly. I’m not sure it’s ever a good idea to put other people in a statue unless their legacies are intertwined (like Matt Cooke and Marc Savard, for instance). But taking that little tidbit out, the fact that when you see two giant asses in the air right behind him, makes me just shake my head.

–  Cody Hodgson is like a Christian Ehrhoff. He’s a product of the Canucks system. Won’t be as good as many think he will be. Zack Kassian is going to be a beast. He skates so well for a dude his size and has nice hands and not to mention has that sandpaper to him. Good trade for Vancouver. Thumbs up to Gillis, thumbs down to the haters.

I think that’s all for today. I’m going to try to get this blog going again. Maybe do a redesign and make it cooler. But I missed you guys. Spam bots just don’t do it for me. Leave some comments dammit so I know someone at least read this! Hahaha.

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