The West Is Pretty Playoff Weak

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Let me start off this post by stating how royally pissed off I am about HBO’s “Luck” getting the boot after a few horses died on set and PETA/TMZ/JACKASSES decided to blow the story up. And, of courses, everyone is piling on now because our society is cool like that. I can just hear the phone calls to HBO in protest of the show by people with nothing better to do…


I would have called their bluff if I was HBO… especially if it was a male caller, ’cause no way in hell would any man ever cancel HBO with Eastbound & Down still playing. And chicks probably still dig True Blood ’cause vampires are still sexy, am I right, ladies?

So yeah, RIP “Luck”. You’ll be remembered for some great acting, awesome character development and intriguing story lines by this amigo. But with your departure, hopefully now, no horse will ever die, anywhere, ever again.

With that rant out of the way, let me focus on the hockey part of this post. I got to thinking last night and there are really only two teams in the West that would scare me in the playoffs. Before I get to them, let me list off the ones which don’t.

St. Louis – I’d say they’re the best team out of the teams which don’t do it for me. I just can’t see them getting past round 2. They’ve got an interesting mix of players, good character, and you’d think they could go far, but it’s just hard for me to think this group is experienced enough as a whole (together) to really contend this year. Just a gut.

Detroit – Do you think they can survive the grind of the postseason? Hell, they can’t even survive the grind of the regular season. I know, I know, 91 points is nothing to sneeze at but *sneeze*!

Dallas – Yeah, don’t really see them doing much because, umm, they may not even make the playoffs.

Chicago – I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the Blackhawks — “Goaltending, defensive depth, drunken Kane!” you say — but are they really fear-worthy at this point? Hell no.

Phoenix – Mike Smith had an epic February so you know things will even out with him having an epic disaster of an April. Can you really picture the Coyotes having playoff success? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Colorado – Too young.

San Jose – They sadly made a trade for Dominic Moore which means that they now face the “Curse of Dominic Moore” and will have no playoff success. Plus, it’s kind of time for them to fade out of the picture. They do play in San Jose, after all.


Los Angeles – Sadly, they have the great ability to mess everything up. I think that became their lot in life after the McSorley stick incident.

So that leaves Vancouver and Nashville as the two teams in my mind that could make hay in the West.

Vancouver has their own issues from Luongo’s psyche to the Wonder Twins misplacing their special rings (I’m sure they’ll find them come April), but you still gotta give them the edge here. The one issue I see is that they may run out of gas with another long playoff push.

Nashville is pretty stacked top to bottom without any superstars up front. I’m not exactly sold on Radulov being a difference maker because it’s probably hard to adjust playing in that crap league over there to getting thrown into the playoffs over here. He’ll probably be a disaster and take his butt back to Russia soon after where he can return to being that mysterious Russian star hockey player, without the mystery. But with their goaltending and blueline, hard to argue against the Preds going far.

So yeah, how about that. Another post done!

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