This Uproar Over Arron Asham Is Ridiculous

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I did not see the Aaron Asham vs. Jay Beagle fight until a few minutes ago. I did however read a bunch of stuff about the fight earlier in the day in my Google Reader, which doesn’t play videos.

With all the uproar over his actions, you’d think he stomped on Beagle’s head with his skate and then urinated on him right there on the ice. But here is what he did.

You know what that is? That’s entertaining! It’s a guy who is jacked up on adrenaline after whooping the ass of his opponent. Nothing to apologize for.

Where do we stop with this craziness? Professional hockey is entertainment, nothing more and nothing less. It’s about heroes and villains, about big hits and fights, just as much as it is about highlight goals and amazing saves. So let them entertain. Let’s stop dissecting every action of showmanship while sitting on a high horse. It’s not that big of a deal, people. It really isn’t.

The stuff I’ve read over the last 24 hours about the NHL being hypocrites for cracking down on headshots and still allowing fighting is downright stupid. There’s a big difference between getting blindsided and fight between two willing combatants. There’s also that little thing about fighting that, oh I don’t know, makes hockey what it is. It belongs in the game. Case closed.

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